About Expert Witness Paul Langille
Paul Langille became an expert in trucking and crane safety the hard way: over the course of a 45+ year career working on highways and construction sites across the US. His career began in the United States Navy, where he worked as a supervisor for welders and machinery operators for more than a decade.


Following his honorable discharge, Paul continued to gain first-hand experience as a driver, crane operator, and project manager. He oversaw projects of virtually every size and scale, including aircraft control towers and nuclear power plants, while working for companies like General Electric and Raytheon. After doing hands-on work as a heavy haul transport specialist and crane expert, he began to conduct training and certification on safe driving, OSHA standards, and other related topics.


Paul’s career took another turn in 2011 when he was involved in a trucking accident where another driver was at fault. During the following months, and due to Paul’s extensive qualifications and experience, attorneys turned to him for background and contextual insights on the conditions and best practices surrounding the incident. It was during this time he discovered that not only could his breadth of knowledge within the trucking and construction industry be valuable to legal professionals, but that he had a passion for helping victims to find justice and compensation for their injuries.


Today, Paul Langille takes what he learned through decades of experience as a driver, crane operator, heavy equipment operator, and safety trainer and uses it to assist attorneys across the US to find favorable outcomes in their cases. Whether you need insight on an accident, documentation to support a legal point of view, or someone who can offer depositions and testimony as an expert witness, he can help.

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Wondering how Paul Langille can help with your case? As a trucking and crane safety expert with 45+ years of experience, he can help you to understand and interpret important technical issues at every stage in the process. His work with attorneys commonly includes some or all of the services located here!

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