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Are you an attorney seeking an expert witness in the area of trucking or crane safety and regulations? If so, industry veteran Paul Langille can help.

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Paul Langille

With a career in safety, inspections, and training that spans 40+ years – including decades of firsthand experience as a driver and operator – Paul Langille has the insights and perspectives you need to move your case forward. He has worked on highways and construction sites across North America and knows how to evaluate accidents and incident reports to look between the lines.
Paul Languille Trucking and Crane Expert Witness

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PEL & Associates areas of topical expertise include:

  • Commercial Vehicle (CMV) Operations
  • Truck Accident Analysis
  • Driver Training and Evaluation
  • State and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
  • Safe Operation of Pilot & Escort Vehicles
  • Safe Operation of Oversize & Overweight Loads
  • Loading and Load Securement Standard
  • Forklift Operator Training
  • OSHA Construction Site Guidelines
It doesn’t matter whether you need a deposition, a written opinion, or in-court testimony.  PEL and Associates, LLC is ready to step in and provide expertise.  Interested in learning more?  You can find out more about Paul’s work, see his background and expertise, or contact us to inquire about working together.

If you need an expert witness who knows trucking and crane safety, as well as heavy construction safety and cares about doing what’s best for you and your clients, contact us today!

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Wondering how Paul Langille can help with your case? As a trucking and crane safety expert with 45+ years of experience, he can help you to understand and interpret important technical issues at every stage in the process. His work with attorneys commonly includes some or all of the services located here!

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